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  (Minimum of 2 hours)

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To complete the “Choose Your Equipment” form below type the participant’s name, their choice of kayak/SUP (single or double), their experience level (beginner, intermediate and expert), and their height and shoe size. For boat type and experience level just check the appropriate box. We use this information to determine which boats will be used. Make sure all boats are full! If you are unsure as to the exact size and makeup of your group, tell us the maximum number of participants expected and base the deposit amount on the maximum number of boats required then submit this form without equipment.

We use double kayaks ( K2) as the default for groups of 12 plus. This is best, its safe and easy and best vale for your group. If your unsure as to the exact size your group, use the maximum number of participants expected this way you will be sure to have enough in case your whole group does show. It's easy to subtract boats it's difficult to add them. If the boats aren't saved they will be there.

Note: Under 18 not allowed in single kayak or stand-up paddle board. Under 18 must be in a double kayak with adult.

You will need at least 6 boats, select them below. We have pre selected 6 two person kayaks.

One Person Kayaks
Two Person Kayaks
Stand-up Paddleboards

Reservation Policies


  • We charge for a minimum of 2 hours. Reservations can be 2 to 6 hours in length. The time period for the reservation must be set on this form in advance.

  • All reserved boats are held for 1 hour after the reservation starting time. If your group does not arrive in that time, the boats are released for rental and the deposit is forfeited.

  • A minimum of 2 hours per Reservation can be 2 to 6 hours in length.

  • Changes can be made to reservations until two weeks before the day of the event.

  • We make group reservations for groups of 12-30 paddlers. Custom tours are available for smaller groups. Only one reservation will be booked per day.

  • The event coordinator must be on site on the day of the reservation.

  • All participants must sign the insurance waiver at time of event. All participants must be 18 years of age to sign insurance waiver, if under 18, parent or guardian signature required. All paddle boarders must sign paddle board agreement and comply with our policies.

  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited while in the possession of rental equipment.

  • Requested boats must be specified on this form in advance.

  • There is no penalty for early return. Late returns will be charged our hourly rental fee for all additional time. Any damage to rental equipment will be billed to the group.

  • We require an advance payment of 50% of the total tax-inclusive reservation cost. The reservation date is secured only after the advanced payment of 50% has been paid.

  • The group will pay as one, on one credit card, check or cash amount. A 20% gratuity will be applied to the final payment.

  • The deposit payment is non-refundable unless Agua Verde cancels the event. In the event of dangerous weather conditions, you will be issued a gift card for the amount of the deposit.

  • All groups will be charged a reservation fee. Please contact the paddle club tour manager for information on the fee for your group.

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    Estimate Deposit and Fees

    Tour Guide Fee: $0.00/hr

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    Reservation Fee: $150
    Subtotal: $0 (1 hrs x $75 + $150)
    Tax: $0.00 (10.25% for Washington State and City of Seattle sales and use tax.)

    Total Price: $75

    50% Deposit Amount: