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Please feel free to contact us directly if you have absolutely any questions at (206) 632-1862 to speak with a tour specialist.

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  (Minimum of 2 hours)

Choose Your Equipment

We use double kayaks (K2) as the default for groups of 12 plus. This is best, its safe and easy and best value for your group. This also works well for team bounding!

We think it best to use doubles (K2) for your group.

You may choose singles kayaks, your reservation we will require some additional information about your paddlers. * Single Kayaks must fit the Experience level and body type of paddler. We use this information to determine which boats will be used. Fill in the fields below if choosing single kayaks.

It's easy to subtract boats it's difficult to add them. If the boats aren't saved they will not be there.

Note: Under 18 not allowed in single kayak . Under 18 must be in a double kayak with adult.

Note: Stand Up Paddle Boards Not available at this time for group reservations.

You will need at least 6 boats, select them below.
We have pre selected 6 two person kayaks.

One Person Kayaks
Two Person Kayaks

Reservation Policies


Estimate Deposit and Fees

Tour Guide Fee: $0.00/hr

Total per hour:


Reservation Fee: $150
Subtotal: $0 (1 hrs x $75 + $150)
Tax: $0.00 (10.25% for Washington State and City of Seattle sales and use tax.)

Total Price: $75
50% Deposit Amount: $0.00
Gratuity: $0.00 (20% of subtotal only. Not calculated on total price or tax. Gratuity amount not included as part of deposit.)